Royal Courting 

Moon, June, Wine & Shine all fit for Kings and Queens. But maybe the clown, the jester jumps in and has a say about all that romance. Rainy days can hit us like a ton of bricks .... but sometimes a rainy day is perfect for reflection, for inner soul searching and for a leisurely day of love making! ..... Or not.... Okay, I got a little carried away but it's not the end. Or at least, it doesn't have to be. Every day is exactly what you make of it. It is almost totally within your control. You can always find joy .... you just have to choose to do so. Whether you are royalty or just a clown, you are lucky if you have love and if you don't have love, get out there and find some.... I mean, after this show! Featuring songs by Nikki Talley, Fellow Pynins, The New 76ers, Well Worn Soles, Ken Gaines, The Rightly So and Lucky Mud this show is a real treat. 

Share with your king or queen or your whole royal household. No clowning around.... it's great!

Hearts and Flowers... Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud