Heavenly Homeless Angels 

What makes a person homeless? Is it the lack of a physical structure or a solid dwelling place? Maybe it's the loss of purpose or sense of belonging. Maybe the homelessness isn't always physical but emotional. I know people who are perfectly happy to not have a physical structure to maintain. They have a place and a sense of belonging that doesn't apply to a house, per se, but to a community of people who are like minded. Maybe we put too much emphasis on "ownership" of stuff, of placement. Who knows! I only know that people make me happy much more than stuff!

These songwriters know a little about that and they'll tell you how they feel, if you'll just listen....Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Tom Kimmel, John French, Ruth Wyand, Elaine Mahon, Lucky Mud, Michael J. Roth and Ellen Bukstel all share their opinions on this radio show! Tell them how you feel about their "truth" by visiting their individual online presences... they may be homeless .....(or not) ....but they all have websites!

Always in truth, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud