Fraught with Feeling 

Do you ever get so caught up with emotion that you can hardly speak, move or just function at all? That overwhelming feeling of grief, happiness, angst or just life in general. It's so powerful. Music does that to a lot of us. It captures and isolates that feeling and gives it life. Most of us can tell you our life story based on the songs playing in that particular time frame. Like the background music to the movie of our life. These are our "cavemen sitting around the campfire telling myths" moments. We capture them like the paintings on the cave walls for all of posterity to see. These songs are pieces of the drawings that will remain throughout eternity. They are sorrowful, happy, evocative of a special moment in a life and they are all "Fraught With Feelings". Let them lift you up or give you a pillow to cry on. No matter what, Dave Griffin, Rachel Grubb, Buddy Mondlock, Sarah Mac Band, Bradford Loomis, Ellen Bukstel, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald and Al Scortino will hold your hand on the journey and make sure you come home safely!

With joy.... Maggie & Mike.  Lucky Mud 

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