Dancing Hearts 

There is great beauty in the world amidst great sadness for all of the environmental and emotional challenges we face daily. We can throw our hands (and hearts) up and give in or we can keep the faith, baby, and strive to make our world, the world, a better place for us to live and love and share our dreams. "We are the sum total of every decision we have made......" and our world that surrounds us reflects those choices, both good and bad. These artists are pointed in their songs of love and hope and earthly delights or environmental disasters.... No matter what ... we haver to keep our hearts dancing and our eyes focused on hope! Heed the advice of Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, The New 76ers, Mike Jurgensen, Rebekah Pulley, Beaucoup Blue, Wyatt Espalin, Bradford Loomis and Grant Peeples. They may or may not be experts at all of these issues but they sure know how to write and sing about them. 

Each artist we play weekly has an online presence and CDs for sale. Give them a shout and let them know you heard their music on Americana Cafe Sundays Radio Show. 

Love, Maggie & Mike   Lucky Mud 

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