Broken World 

The world is not broken..... it may be a little bent ... okay.. a lot bent... but not broken. There is no such thing as a perfect world, a perfect life a perfect place but we have it within us to create a little perfection in our life. When we do that.. some of it leaks out into other peoples lives, into the world and for just that little bit of time, we have hope. We give hope to others. A smile, a kind word and little hug. It's all important. It creates a ripple in time and that ripple flows out and makes bigger ripples and people feel it and it changes the world... it really does. You may never know that you've done it but the change is real. As real as nature or God or happiness or the sun. As real as it gets. Or, you could just walk away and never be the change you hope to see. Your world, your choice, your happiness. Your future depends on you.... I choose love.... I hope you do too... and so do these artists. Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald, Nikki Talley, The Reckless Saints, Ellen Bukstel, The Strangled Darlings, The Rough and Tumble and Rebekah Pulley are all pulling for you to choose them and love and their music.

Peace and Love, Maggie & Mike.      Lucky Mud 

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