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Fraught with Feeling  

Do you ever get so caught up with emotion that you can hardly speak, move or just function at all? That overwhelming feeling of grief, happiness, angst or just life in general. It's so powerful. Music does that to a lot of us. It captures and isolates that feeling and gives it life. Most of us can tell you our life story based on the songs playing in that particular time frame. Like the background music to the movie of our life. These are our "cavemen sitting around the campfire telling myths" moments. We capture them like the paintings on the cave walls for all of posterity to see. These songs are pieces of the drawings that will remain throughout eternity. They are sorrowful, happy, evocative of a special moment in a life and they are all "Fraught With Feelings". Let them lift you up or give you a pillow to cry on. No matter what, Dave Griffin, Rachel Grubb, Buddy Mondlock, Sarah Mac Band, Bradford Loomis, Ellen Bukstel, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald and Al Scortino will hold your hand on the journey and make sure you come home safely!

With joy.... Maggie & Mike.  Lucky Mud 


Life is full of distractions. Actually, life is THE distraction. The journey, not the destination. It is a never ending adventure until you hit the "terminal". Then it's over ... all she wrote... the final destiny... the end... Terminus. We all need some distraction to liven up the trip and make it fun or interesting or sometimes, just bearable. Here we are... a show full of "Distractions" from China Plates to Prison Movies to Cracks in Wells and Riders all told eloquently by The Rightly So, Grant Peeples, Eric Taylor, The New 76ers, Rachel Grubb, Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield, The Sarah Mac Band and The Strangled Darlings. Enjoy the road trip .... avoid the terminal... for a while anyway!

Safe Travels.   Maggie & Mike. Lucky Mud

Rhythm of Life  

There's a motion, movement that keeps us running smoothly through this life... or not, sometimes. The breath we breathe, our walking pace our speech patterns, the way our hands express thoughts, involuntarily. It's the rhythm of life. Sometimes we get thrown off path by a sudden change or interruption. A bump in our road. Getting our pace back in step is the goal sometimes, just regaining our equilibrium and feeling "normal". Sometimes those abrupt changes create a new path or attitude and that can be really good .... or really bad. But, although change is painful, it is necessary. These artists all have a pace and motion that sets this show on a path of thought, a path of self awareness or just ... a path... you decide .... featured artists are Wyatt Espalin, Dana Cooper, The Ashley Gang, Lucky Mud, Rebekah Pulley, The Rough & Tumble, Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald and Pierce Pettis.... catch the wave and ride it home on this "Rhythm of Life" ... 

On our own life path, Maggie & Mike.  Lucky Mud   Peace 

Movin On  

Move it ... get on the road... travelin blues. We all get that urge. Sometimes in a blue jalopy, sometimes a train ( I love trains) or just on foot. Gotta get goin'. Any way you choose to travel or whichever way you choose to go, we have a song for that. That's the great thing about music.... you always have a traveling' companion, a compadre to hoof it down the road with. These songs by Slim Fatz, Bradford Loomis, Lucky Mud, Achilles Wheel, Mean Mary, Pierce Pettis, Sally Spring and Ted Lyons and Beaucoup Blue will give you that boost you need to be movin' on. Go ahead, you know you got that feelin' down deep in your soul..... even if it's just down to the grocery store.... boogie on down the road!! We're right there with you.... 

Safe travels..... Maggie & Mike .... Lucky Mud


Ties that Bind  

Does it ever seem that no matter what you do, you're tied up in knots and running in circles? We all have those days, weeks, months..... hell, even years! The only difference is that sometimes..... sometimes... we enjoy those difficulties, the trials and tribulations. The daily drama... drama queens and kings. Are we so bored that we have the need to create problems? Pull yourself out of that frame of mind and release those demons. You choose which one you want to follow... or believe... or play with. The seeds of hope are in your heart... plant them and grow a great future. It's all in your power. These artists all know the traps that can befall you when you hang out with the bad seeds in our world. Pay heed to Rebekah Pulley, Pierce Pettis, Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield, My One & Only, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Tom Kimmel and Elaine Mahon. They will give you a song to carry you through the bad times or sing along with in happy times. Hold onto those ties that bind .... or let them go. It's all up to you. 

Check out these artists on their independent music sites... each one has an online presence.

As always, with love.....

Maggie & Mike.   Lucky Mud

Royal Courting  

Moon, June, Wine & Shine all fit for Kings and Queens. But maybe the clown, the jester jumps in and has a say about all that romance. Rainy days can hit us like a ton of bricks .... but sometimes a rainy day is perfect for reflection, for inner soul searching and for a leisurely day of love making! ..... Or not.... Okay, I got a little carried away but it's not the end. Or at least, it doesn't have to be. Every day is exactly what you make of it. It is almost totally within your control. You can always find joy .... you just have to choose to do so. Whether you are royalty or just a clown, you are lucky if you have love and if you don't have love, get out there and find some.... I mean, after this show! Featuring songs by Nikki Talley, Fellow Pynins, The New 76ers, Well Worn Soles, Ken Gaines, The Rightly So and Lucky Mud this show is a real treat. 

Share with your king or queen or your whole royal household. No clowning around.... it's great!

Hearts and Flowers... Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

Animal Crackers  

I love Animal Crackers in my soup.... they were always a favorite thing growing up. Maybe they still are. Maybe we still haven't ..... grown up that is. When you love your life and there's not a whole lot of things you would change about it, does that mean you are or you aren't grown up. Either way, the journey is the joy and the destination ends at a terminal.... get it... it's the terminus, the end, kaput, that's all she wrote.... you know... So I'll just keep on traveling down the road avoiding the terminal and loving life and I hope you do too! These artists have all written songs about the journey.... from the other side, to some certain and some uncertain destinations. Some with traveling companions, some alone but it's all about our journeys.... Passerine, The New 76ers, Pierce Pettis, Eric Taylor, Elaine Mahon, Friction Farm, Dana Cooper and The Rough & Tumble will take you places in royal style on our show called "Animal Crackers".... Dogs and monkeys and Chevy's ... oh my!!

Remember to check out these musicians and their many other incredible songs if you like the sample you hear today!!

Big Love, Maggie & Mike.     Lucky Mud 

Power Play  

The power of music is a gift. It can take us high, it can take us low but it will take us, have its way with us and leave us wanting more. Power players in this show are Achilles Wheel, Bing Futch, Bradford Loomis, Buddy Mondlock, The Currys, Friction Farm, Lucky Mud and Well Worn Soles. Hop on for the ride and take a friend along with you.


If music fills your soul and you remember the spaces in your life by the music of that time, you are a "musician". You are one half of the contract of a song, because you listen. Without you to hear these songs, its just the beautiful sound of the wind singing through the pines. We come together to share music, naturally! Artists featured, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Lucky Mud, Bradford Loomis, Ken Gaines, The New 76ers, Sarah Mac & The Wide Open. Thanks for listening, Lucky Mud

Florida Forces  

Florida is full of natural wonders. Not the least of which is the music and musicians of this beautiful, flower filled and blood stained land. Each of the musicians on this show are from deep in the Florida diaspora. Listen and share. Artists are: Mimi Hearn, Pierce Pettis, Frank Julian, Ron Johnson, Lis & Lon Williamson, Lucky Mud and Tom Kimmel (co-writer Pierce Pettis). Share this beautiful music and leave a comment.


The best songs tell a story. You might have a different viewpoint than someone else about the meaning but isn't that what real stories do. They make you think, or feel or hurt but you're engaged. The story tellers in this show are The New 76ers, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, The Rough & Tumble, Wyatt Espalin, Themselves, Brian Smalley, Elaine Mahon, Friction Farm & Matthew Kenneth Fowler. Listen with your heart and tell us how you feel. Leave a comment.


Show #5, Journeys, features The Currys, Frank Graham, Bradford Loomis, Mean Mary, The Rough & Tumble, Lis & Lon Williamson, Lucky Mud, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, The New 76ers & Rebekah Pulley. All of these artists have a Florida connection, some a little deeper than others but each with a truth worth telling via song. Check these incredible singer/songwriters out on their respective websites and listen just a little closer to their messages.