West Florida Wrangler

Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


Maggie's family have been cattlemen in Florida for over 200 years, and this song is for them. When cattlemen call their cattle, many use a type of yodel - something that carries across vast and open land. You'll hear this in the song as well. This is for the centuries of hard-working, decent men and women who make their living off cattle, and off the land.


I'm a West Florida wrangler

And I live on a ranch

I come from a long line

Of Cracker cowhands

My life's in the saddle

With my dog at my side

We run the cattle, patch fences

And keep our eyes on the sky


There's a storm up there brewin'

It rolls out of the Gulf

It meets the hot air from over

The land where we work

The livestock will stand it

'Til the lightnin' gets bad

Then they'll take off and run

Down into the Swamp



I'm a Cracker cowboy

That's all that I know

I live on the Florida Gulf Coast

I love this old land

That I've lived on so long

Unlike the cattle

And the tourists

I like bein' alone


We go down in the swamps

With our thick leather boots

The kind that the moccasins

And the briars can't get through

We round up the cattle

Head 'em out of the bog

To the thick, green pastures

And the clover they love


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