Underneath the Florida Moon

Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


I had a horse when I was a girl, and he was my best friend. After I wrote this, I started thinking of all those great Western movies where the horse came back to save the cowboy. That was my horse, Cocoa.


We'll go out dancin' in the moonlight

Underneath the stars

Swayin' and a swingin'

In the headlights of the cars


It's another night together

Alone just you and me

We're dancin' in the moonlight

Waltzin' tree to tree



The crickets and the tree frogs

Singin' out a tune

Underneath the Florida Moon


The smell of Jasmine in the air

You'll kick off your shoes

Dancin' in the moonlight

What have we got to lose


We're swingin' and a swayin'

There's no music here

Just the sounds of the night time

Singin' in our ear



Got a natural sense of rythm

That's all you've got to have

When you're dancin' in the moonlight

With the one you love


The owl's a hoota' hootin'

The gator gives a groan

That's all you really need

To make a night time song


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