Slow Duck Pie

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Lucky Mud
Mike McKinney


This is my song for the long line of developers that haunt this state. From Andrew Jackson until today, Florida has been captured and sold. Slow Duck Pie is just a reminder that "Old alligator's gonna have his day."


Three ducks swimming Two ducks fly Alligator eating A slow duck pie Three ducks land But don't leave together Gator picks his teeth With a slow duck feather So build your condos Build them high Eat the land Hide the sky Big wind coming Blow it all away Old alligator Gonna have his day You set the poor Against the poor You take it all You still want more You build gated cities With pretty names But you can't stop The hurricanes So cut the trees Clear the land Make your laws Take your stand Big wind coming Blow it all away Miccosukee Get it back someday © 2010 Lucky Mud

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