North Florida Panhandle

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Lucky Mud
Mike McKinney


It's some of the many joys of living in the Florida Panhandle.


I've got a sandy white yard Where nothing ever grows But the loblolly pines And a stand of palmetto Got a 64 red and white Half-ton Ford truck I had an El-Camino But the bank made me give it up I could move to the city But it wouldn't hold a candle To the backwater bayou North Florida Panhandle Walking on the creek bank Looking for a fishing hole A #8 bream hook A cork and a cane pole Back in the tall grass The moccasin and alligator Little country church Singing praise to the Creator Well, there ain't a lot to do But there ain't a lot of scandal In the backwater bayou North Florida Panhandle I've got a little lady Come to see me every day Rowing in a fishing boat And laughing all the way She bringhs me what I need And you ought'a see her smile Looking every bit Like Cleopatra on the Nile She's got long hair Bikini top Dungarees and sandals Backwater Bayou North Florida Panhandle © 2010 Lucky Mud

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