Leaving Florida

Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


Several years ago we almost moved to Ireland. This song came from that, from remembering what 'home' means. Florida is home.


You were the soil in which I grew

I plant my feet firm in you

I lift my face toward your sun

My lips are sweet

With your morning dew



You were the place where I could run

I felt so safe within your arms

And I will leave with heavy heart

All the things I once knew


Along the crystal sands I'd roam

The beach was clean

The air was pure

The dunes rose high above the ground

No buildings blocked

The skies of blue

The creeks and streams

Ran free and clear

The pine forests

Filled with deer

It was a perfect world you see

Where I loved you

And you loved me



I lay my face upon your earth

The smell is clean and sweet

A mix of pine and heat and dirt

The soil is warm

On my bare feet

I place my hand upon your back

I close my eyes and start to weep

I did not care for you as much

As you took care of me


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