Big Fish

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Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


Big fish eat the little fish The little fish eat the minnow The minnow he ain't thinkin' 'bout that He just keep on swimmin' The Big Fish think he rules the world But he gonna get caught someday Somebody's gonna eat that big ol' fish While the little minnow swim away The big money man eat the little money man And the little money man Eat me I ain't got no money man Watchin' out for me The big money man get what he want Any time he say But the no money man gonna rise on up And eat the big money man someday The big dog chase the little dog The little dog chase the cat The little dog gonna get hurt either way But he don't think about that The big dog strut around the yard Like he swingin' the world by its tail But he wear a collar and a leash and a chain And he live in a chain link jail © 2010 Lucky Mud

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