The Earth is an Island 2:58

Lucky Mud
Michael McKinney BMI @ Southern Zen Music


The earth is an island in a big black sea

A home for all sailors and spices and me

Shipwrecked and lonely, we watch helplessly

As the stars ride the curve of infinity


Filling my pockets with pieces of string

I bought a mansion just to sit in the swing

And rock to and fro, wordlessly singing

On the arm of an oak

In the bosom of Spring


Maybe Delilah thought it was worth it

She said, 'I just didn't like that long hair'

And maybe Icarus thought it was worth it

Just seeing the world from up there

He said, 'Life ain't a round-trip ticket

At best it's a license to fly

I could've instead

Made a nice feather bed

And in it, just curl up

And die


If Delilah had only adjusted

She might've saved a temple or two

And if Icarus had used tacks

Instead of that wax

He might've lived to tell folks that he flew

But life ain't a round-trip ticket

At best it's a ticket to ride

You see lots of things

When you spread your wings

And you live with your eyes open wide


Life ain't a round-trip ticket

At best it's a hell of a ride

You may not get as far

As touching the stars

But they sure look pretty at night

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