Talkin' Middle East Blues 3:51

Lucky Mud
Michael McKinney BMI @ Southern Zen Music


In the beginning, God made day and night

Then Abraham got tired of the Canaanites

So he decided to go off and start his very own clan

Well, he finagled some sheep and a couple of cows

(you can read the bible if you want to know how)

But then he saw the flaw in his little plan

See, he and Sarah did it night and day

They did it in the desert and they did it in the hay

They did it and they did it until they almost wore it out

But Sarah said, "Sorry"

And Abe said "Thanks,

I can't be sure who's shooting blanks

So I'm gonna have to leave it up to you to work this out"


So Sarah gave Abraham a jug of wine

Then she gave him Hagar, the concubine

And nine months later, there was little Ishmael

So it was Sarah who was barren as a dry creek bed

But she couldn't get those pictures out of her head

And it would be an understatement to say she did not take it well


She was in her 70s and she thought she'd had it

But she and Abraham kept going at it

And along came Isaac, her own little bundle of joy

So she said, "Abe, I'm gonna need more room for the baby

A place for the bassinet so do you think maybe

You could get rid of Hagar and that dirty little ugly bastard boy?"


Well, Hagar begged and Abraham whined

But Sarah stood firm and she toed the line

And before you know it, Hagar was on her own

Well, Abraham didn't have to do it,

But he thought it over and he figured, "Screw it,

It's the easiest way I know to keep a happy home"

So with the clothes on her back and a baby at her breast

No food to eat, no place to rest

Hagar began to starve in abject deprivation


But God looked down, and God took pity

And Ishmael lived, and he built a city

And soon he was the leader of a brand new Arab nation

Now we all know that sooner or later

The Middle East will be a nuclear crater

And we're all gonna die trying to fulfill some biblical matter

That was written on papyrus with camel dung

By some dim bulb on the bottom rung

Of the entire human evolutionary ladder

About a naked couple That was left to grapple with

Life and Death and Snakes and Apples

And a God that would let some guy kill 10,000 people

With the jawbone of an ass


So, don't you think it's time that we got rid

Of hating somebody 'cause your daddy did

And finally put our history in the past?

There's only one real question I have for you......

Don't we need better reasons for the things we do?

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