Southern Zen (the Mockingbird Song) 3:20

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Lucky Mud
Michael McKinney BMI @ Southern Zen Music


I chopped wood I carried water I burned the wood just to boil the water threw in some collards, and some fatback ham made up a little corn bread in the frying pan fried up some okra made some blackeyed peas brewed about a gallon of sweet iced tea took it out to the front porch, sat in the swing closed my eyes, let the day go by, and I listened to the mockingbird sing *CHORUS* *The mockingbird he's a funny looking bird Just an ordinary grey The mockingbird don't do much as a bird He just sits around all day The mockingbird ain't a pretty bird, there's no bright colors in his wings But everybody stops what they're doing when he sing, sing, sings* [BREAK] Yellow sand, and bright red clay Come together In a beautiful way From the longleaf pines To that flat, flat land It looks like heaven from where I stand It's where I was born And where I was raised I know the people And I know their ways From Pensacola To the Florida Keys You can close your eyes Let the day go by And listen to the Mockingbird sing *CHORUS*

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