Southern Mama 3:19

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Lucky Mud
Michael McKinney BMI @ Southern Zen Music


The Southern mama's just got to be strong 'Cause the Southern daddy Dies before too long Working the pulpwood every day Makes his life kind of slip away Mama keeps to herself All the tears she's cried She knows daddy loved her 'Til the day he died So she tries to raise the kids As best she can Happy she was married To a damned good man *CHORUS* *All the way from the banks Of the Withlacoochee To a sharecropper's shack Up in Tennessee You can see the lady With the sad eyes trying To find food and clothes For the family, Yeah, the Southern mama's Just got to be strong 'Cause the Southern daddy Dies before too long* Then the sun is rising It's another day She's got work to do She's got bills to pay But late in the evening She can rest a spell And laugh at the jokes That the children tell The South's got beauty And the South's got soul But it ain't got silver And it ain't got gold *CHORUS*

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