Easy Street 2:16

Lucky Mud
Michael McKinney BMI @ Southern Zen Music


Damn the dark-eyed ladies

Soft as a pillow

And hair that billows in the wind

They tell the sweetest lies

Take your love and then they cry

And you know it's just a game to them

But I fall in love every time we meet

Just another reckless driver on Easy Street


Reno, Nevada

It never rains in Nevada

That's a hell of a place

To look for the end of a rainbow

You take your money

And you lay it down

I don't know why

I can't leave this town

You never get back what you lose

And I ought to know

I came to the gutter

From a penthouse suite

Just another reckless driver on Easy Street


So, if it's true you learn by losing

Then I'm an educated man

On the long trip down

I got a front row seat

Just another reckless driver on Easy Street

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