Borders 2:11

Lucky Mud
Michael McKinney BMI @ Southern Zen Music


There's something about a border

That makes me want to cross it

There's something about a locked door

That makes me want to look inside

There's something in a woman's eyes

That makes me want to see her smile

There's something about a wild horse

That makes me want to ride


There's something about a baby

That makes me want to kiss it

There's something in a barbed wire fence

That I can't abide

There's something about a meeting

That makes me want to miss it

And even when it's raining

I don't want to be inside


I've always been a simple man

I don't have many rules

I've always loved to learn

And I've always hated school

So, before you tell me

What it's all about,

Give me space and a little time

And I can work it out


I can tell you that someone that don't like kissing

Is like a good shirt with a button missing

You already know the things that are good for you....

If it doesn't taste good

Don't chew it

If it makes you feel guilty

Don't do it

Do you really need a good book to tell you what to do?

I've never seen a day so mean

That can't be cured with gasoline

And miles of open highway

With one hand on the wheel

Lucky Mud on the radio

And no particular place to go

With someone there beside you

Who feels the way you feel


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