People are Talkin' 2:21

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Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney BMI @ Southern Zen Music


(chorus) People are talkin' Always talkin' Flappin' their lips And talk talk talkin' What are they saying What do they mean Is there a world here Or is it a dream? They just keep on talkin' Talk talk talkin' Is there a message You're trying to give Or are you just talkin' To be glib Is there something You're trying to say' Or are you just talkin' To fill up the space? (chorus) I listen to poets I listen to the news Should I cry Or should I be amused Do you believe In what you just said Or are you just tryin' To mess with my head (chorus) I look in the cars And they're talkin' away Nobody with them They're just talkin' to space Look, there's a phone Shoved in their ear They keep on talkin' There's nobody there (chorus)

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