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Lucky Mud
Michael McKinney BMI @ Southern Zen Music


She's as long as a Monday She's thin as a dime She's been drinking since Sunday But that ain't a crime When you're missing somebody Who should've never been gone She's been drinking since Sunday And Sunday's the one day She hates drinking alone I've always loved her When she's around I can't breathe She laughed when I told her Said 'you don't want me I've got a penchant for trouble And I always want more And I don't love nobody 'Til I see that body Walk out the door (chorus) She said I like it rough And even rough ain't enough Sometimes I like it mean' She said 'I like men when they're hot I like men when they're cold But I don't want nothing That falls in between' But I've heard her crying In the dark of the night So I know she's lying But I would trade being right To be the hard man who holds her And gets to look in her eye And I wish it was me Who could love her and leave Without saying goodbye (chorus) I'll always love her But I won't interfere And when she needs me I will always be here But I will not abuse her And I will never be mean For now she likes it rough But when she's had enough I'll be Mr. In Between Yeah, for now she likes it rough But when she's had enough Hello, I'm Mr. In Between

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