Bad Girls 4:52

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Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney BMI @ Southern Zen Music


Bad girls want babies Just like everybody else They don't know how to say it So they keep it to themselves Bad girls want lovers Who will treat them like a girl They're looking for someone Who will rock their whole world Bad girls want babies Bad girls want houses Just like everybody else Someone to come home to Someone who'll share themselves Bad girls want families Who'll forgive them their mistakes Who know they act tough To push everyone away Bad girls want babies Little girls want mothers Who will brush back their hair Who will kiss them and hold them To show that they care Some girls are lucky They find out who they are Bad girls are unlucky 'Cause they always go too far Bad girls want babies Everyone makes choices That affect their whole lives Bad girls make bad choices And they really don't know why Bad girls find trouble Everywhere they go When it comes to making choices They always pick the wrong road Bad girls want babies

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