Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


This is a song about all the Tomcats roaming the world. They know who they are, and so do you. They're Tomcats! No more, no less!


There's a Tomcat a' tommin' in the middle of the night

Howlin' for the lover he can't find

He's a' itchin' and a' twitchin' with a lousy disposition

He's just lookin' for a fight



He's a Tomcat tommin',

Tomcat tommin',

He's a Tomcat tommin' around

Tomcat tommin',

Tomcat tommin',

He's a Tomcat tommin' around


He's a single minded feline when he's runnin' through the alley

Lookin' for a lover on the loose

You can see him in the street light you can see him in the shadows

He's out spreadin' the news



He's a lookin' for a pussycat with no affiliation

He can win her with his charmin' Tomcat ways

He's a natural provider of awesome titillation

He's the king of all strays


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