Ride the Pony

Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


When I was little, all I ever wanted, was to have a horse and sing. My horse was my pal, just like all the old westerns that I loved. My friendships, like my horse used to be, are what I count on to keep me on a straight path. I hope I can always return the favor.


When you feel your heart drowning in sadness

And the tears fall from your eyes unrestrained

I will be there to give you comfort

I will never fail or hesitate



So you should never be afraid to ride the pony

For the pony will always take you home

It may take awhile and many roads to get there

Just remember, you never ride alone


Friendship is like the faithful pony

Waiting patiently beside the gate

He will be there for you when you are lonely

And he'll always help you find your way



There were times when I felt alone and friendless

And afraid to take a helping hand

But your love for me was patient and endless

And you gave me strong shoulders to lean on

Chorus: twice

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