Pink Pill Box

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Lucky Mud
Michael McKinney


I have this memory of Jackie Kennedy, dressed in pink, riding in that convertible through Dallas. The rest came from that....Martin Luther King, the Kinshasa Highway where AIDS leapt from one species to another....all the TV preachers yelling and waving the flag, all of that. Martin Lee Anderson, 14 years old, was beaten down by seven full-grown officers at a youth boot camp in Bay County, Florida, and when he died, the medical examiner found his death had been caused by sickle cell trait. Mercy.


Jackie wore a pink pill box And she smiled in the Texas sun She watched As her man got killed By strangers with guns And she cried Mercy Oh, mercy Martin was a preacher He saw the Promised Land But like Moses in the bible It stayed just out of the reach Of his dying hands And he cried mercy The world cried mercy Far from Birmingham Mercy On the long Kinshasa Highway Death came with a kiss It wrapped its wings Around the world 'said, 'Are you ready for this? It's the end of mercy There is no mercy' Preachers screaming hate From the pulpit Waving flags of war It makes you wonder What Jesus died for If not for mercy Where is mercy? Martin Lee was 14 years When he stumbled into Hell We saw grown men Beat him down Then they said he died From sickle cell Mercy Lord, have mercy Here we are standing On the brink While the world Goes up in flames Little children With their heads bowed down Playing video games They've never seen mercy They don't know mercy You can't order it online You can't get it at the store You can't even use it If you don't know what it's for It' mercy Oh, mercy Jackie wore a pink pill box And she smiled In the Texas sun Mercy

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