Lord, I'm a Drunk

Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


I come from a long line of drunks. I can't say what drives them to drink, but it's an awful thing to see it happen to people you love.


Oh, lord, I'm a drunk

Have pity on me

I'm a terrible sight

For others to see

I bought me a bottle

And I crawled right in

And I ain't ever

Comin' out again



I drank up my home

I drank up my wife

I drank up my kids

I drank up my life

I live at the bottom

Of a bottle, you see

Oh, lord, I'm a drunk

Have pity on me


I can't even remember

My other life

At home with my children

Making love to my wife

I lived in a neighborhood

I had a career

But I gave in to the bottle

I gave in to the fear



I sleep on the streets

Wherever I can

I'm not a human

I'm not a man

I'm just a byproduct

Of a distillery

Oh, lord, I'm a drunk

Have pity on me


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