Livin' for the Weekend

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Lucky Mud
Michael McKinney


I spent several years working at a small sawmill, catching cypress as it came off the saw blade. We got five minutes in the morning and five more in the afternoon as a break. That cold water and biscuit sure tasted good.


Early in the morning It's already time to get up You grab yourself a biscuit And you get out in the yard Early in the afternoon You get a drink of water Then it's back in the field And it's back behind the plow Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday I will be here Trying to make a living On this sandy piece of land Praying for the sun and rain And praying for the weekend Hanging on to what I've got And doing all I can But I'm living for the weekend Living for the weekend I can't wait 'til it's Friday night I'll get myself a woman And a big old glass of whiskey And I will be dancing 'Til the morning light Saturday and Sunday Creep by like a bandit The man on the news Said everything'll be alright 'Long as we keep working And spending all our money Be careful not to talk back And don't you ever fight

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