Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


I just liked that name, so I wrote a song about Jessamine.


CH: Jessamine, Jessamine I'd wrap around you like a clingin' vine I want to take you home tonight Jessamine, Jessamine Dark hair and a pair of tight jeans You're the finest thing That I've ever seen Come struttin' right out of my dreams Jessamine, Jessamine Oh, I can love you like nobody can If you'll just stretch out and take my hand I'll take you up to the Promised Land Jessamine, Jessamine repeat CH: Now, don't just turn around and walk away Like you don't hear a single word I say You're like a toy and I want to play With Jessamine, Jessamine repeat CH:

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  • Aug 27
    Americana Cafe Sunday at Roberts Hall,  Lynn Haven

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