Lucky Mud has built a home studio at Maggie's Farm, our 7 acres, and we've named it Southern Zen studio. The title of our first CD on CD Baby is also the name of our publishing company. And that's where we've been hiding out while working on our new CD, 'Ride the Pony (tell the story). We'll be holding our next Maggie's Farm Weekend Saturday, November 1st. It'll be a costumed campout music weekend where we play lots of music while cavorting with ghosts and goblins. Two days later we'll be headed back to Western Ireland for our 5th music tour. See you there?

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  • Oct 20
    St. Andrews State Park,  Panama City Beach
  • Oct 21
    Americana Cafe Sunday at Roberts Hall,  Lynn Haven
  • Oct 26
    Gulf Coast Grand Finale,  Panama City
  • Oct 27
    New Posh House Concerts,  Crawfordville
  • Oct 28
    Americana Cafe Sunday at Roberts Hall,  Lynn Haven

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