We've finally done it. After an entire year of running, playing and recording new songs, we've decided to step into the next year on an adventure and see where it takes us. With high hopes for a new, progressive president and the possibility of a universal greener earth outlook we're launching Maggie's Farm. A place for music, intelligent discussion, progressive thinkers and planners for a cleaner, brighter future. Beginning with a once a month campfire, picnic, campout, musical song circle on a Saturday night we'll push it out of the nest and watch it grow together. You can spend the night (bring a tent) or just join us for the evening. Stay tuned and keep in touch for more info. Help us make a place where everyone and everyone's ideas are welcome. (No pets, please. We have a very jealous yard hound who loves to be lord and master/mistress!) More info: Contact us at maggie@luckymudmusic.com and watch for e-mails if you're on our e-mail list. Check out our poster in the photo gallery!!

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  • Oct 21
    Americana Cafe Sunday at Roberts Hall,  Lynn Haven
  • Oct 26
    Gulf Coast Grand Finale,  Panama City
  • Oct 27
    New Posh House Concerts,  Crawfordville
  • Oct 28
    Americana Cafe Sunday at Roberts Hall,  Lynn Haven
  • Nov 4
    Americana Cafe Sunday at Roberts Hall,  Lynn Haven

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