TiTi Road

Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


TiTi (tye-tye) Road is the story of struggle along the Florida panhandle, where poverty runs deep and the first sweet flower of Spring is the TiTi. Its blossoms make the first honey along the wild Gulf Coast.


Yonder come a man with a pack on his back

He been walkin' down the railroad track

He's lookin' for food, he's gonna find the poor

Down on the TiTi Road


Seen a lot of people in this world before

Goin' hungry, goin' door to door

Eat a little possum or a squirrel or two

Down on the TiTi Road


Folks turn up their nose they ain't hungry enough

Livin' off the land can sure be rough

You'll eat anything you can get your hands on

Down on the TiTi Road



Down on the TiTi Road we're livin'

Down on the TiTi Road

Down on the TiTi Road we're strugglin'

Down on the TiTi Road


Livin' is hard in a tar-paper shack

Wind blow through the front

It blow through the back

Rain drippin' off the roof and soakin' my clothes

Down on the TiTi Road


Patchin' holes in the walls with a paper sack

Front porch broken and the roof is saggin'

But it's better than nothin' in the Winter cold

Down on the TiTi Road




Bay come alive in the Summer sun

Fish are jumpin' gonna catch me some

Fry 'em up in a pan with a hushpuppy, too

Down on the TiTi Road


I got bee boxes down in the TiTi swamp

Makin' sweet honey gonna get me some

Pour it onto a biscuit loaded up butter

Down on the TiTi Road



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