The Snake

Lucky Mud
Mike McKinney


He's only doing what he was born to do. Why all the bad press?


Even before I got to town I had a bad reputation I knew it had something to do with my occupation But I can't help's predestination I'm a snake! The lady in the garden said she was hungry So I offered her some fruit If I'd been a bunny rabbit God would've said, 'Isn't that cute?' But he tossed them out of the Garden And he threw me out to boot - Do you know why? Because I'm a snake! I scare little girls And eat baby birds out of the nest Some people don't like me They say I'm a pest But I'm doing exactly what I was born to do You might say I've been blessed I'm a snake So, when you're out in the garden And you're down on your knees Reaching for a butter bean And your hand's there in the weeds When you feel something slither by Hey....that's me! I'm a snake! Now, we're all a part of the Master Plan A woman's a woman, a man is a man Some people turn out to be Pentecostal Some are Taliban But me? I'm exactly who I say I am! I'm a snake

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