My Florida

Lucky Mud
Mike McKinney


This is just what it seems - what Florida means to me - not wistful rivers and endangered species but humidity and heat and hard work and fences that need to be repaired. And thunderstorms. And why I love it all.


Even at midnight it's too hot to sleep So humid it's like living underwater Birds don't sing in the morning trees Clothes stick to my skin I'd pay money for a breeze In Florida Young men get old working in the sun Old men die just to get a day off Women shade their eyes with a glistening hand Not even a cloud to cool the land In Florida So why does my heart beat faster? Why do I love it so? Why do I hate to leave this state And when I do Why do I always want to go back to Florida? My blood runs hot in Florida Believe it or not, it's my Florida Love it or leave it Black clouds stick to the tops of the trees Hard rain beats down on the black dirt There's a hole in the fence where the cows got through Gotta patch it up Just one more thing to do In Florida Dogs lie panting in the shade of the porch Weeds growing up around the car But just remember, if you don't love my state Then stay where the hell you are I'll keep Florida Believe it or not, it's my Florida So Love it, or leave it

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