Massa Joe

Lucky Mud
Mike McKinney


Massa Joe is the story of another struggle, and that's the act of making a living in a land that pretty much has one employer. Or at least one over-seer. One place to find work.


Heat rising up from the highway Steam coming off of the pines July, the sap is running hot The air smells like turpentine If you want to put food on the table There's only one place you can go In this bad land, with your hat in your hand You go to work for Massa Joe You rise up early in the morning Work 'til late at night Don't argue with the man on the high horse yonder Just know he's always right He's looking out for the man with the money Making sure you don't work slow You'd better be afraid, 'cause you won't get paid If you mess with Massa Joe CHORUS: 'Cause Massa Joe lives in the Big House To hear him tell it, he's a saint The only thing you've got to know Shut your mouth and do what you're told And you'll get along with old Saint Joe You'll get along with Massa Joe Now, he don't know what your name is But he owns everything So where ever you live you're gonna be giving Your money and your time to The King 'Cause he owns the land and the airport And he owns the Company Store It might not be right, but don't try to fight it It belongs to Old Saint Joe CHORUS:

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