Lucky Mud
Mike McKinney


The story of a lonely man who always gets what he wants. Then, he meets Evangeline.


Another rainy Tampa night

I fooled around and missed my flight

No real reason to get back home

So I turned toward the city lights

I found an empty Causeway bar

A lonely man in a rented car

I ignored the darkness in her eyes

All alone behind the bar



She said 'you can call me Evangeline

Or Angelina, I don't mind You look like a man with no place to go

And I'm just sittin' here killin' ti9me


An hour's talking led to two

She never asked me what I do

She said, 'I don't want to know your name

And I won't fall in love with you'

We walked down to the waterline

I lost myself in her troubled eyes

Before the dark skies turned to blue

I fell in love with Evangeline 


I said, 'I have a plane that leaves today

But I would really like to stay'

Then the lovely Evangeline

Just kissed my lips and walked away


I won't tell a soul about Angelina

'Cause I know just what they'll say

'Look at the man who gets everything he wants

And all he wants is the one that got away'


She said you can call me Evangeline

Or Angelina, I don't mind

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