Bo Diddley Stomp

Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


This song is a celebration as well. A celebration of the beat and rhythm of a born-again Floridian who chose Gainesville as his home. The University of Florida said 'Thank You' by dedicating Bo Diddley Plaza to him.


Hey, Bo Diddley won't you give me that beat? Get up on the floor with your dancing feet From deep in the bowels of the Florida swamp We're gonna do the Bo Diddley Stomp CHORUS: Bo, Bo, Bo Bo Diddley (3 times) We got the rhythm, we got the moves We're gonna dance in our alligator shoes We got the rhythm, we got the beat We gonna take it out to the street CHORUS: Stomp your feet, beat that drum Clap your hands, move your butt We got the rhythm, we got the beat Dance all night in the Florida Heat CHORUS:

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