Annie Belle

Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


Annie Belle is a hymn to a black woman who loved me, a young white child, despite all the racial turmoil, because her faith in God was strong. She was much kinder than she had to be to a young, white girl. I will never forget her.


I am walkin' in the footsteps of my Lord

I have traveled down many broad highways

I've seen death, I've seen sorrow, I've seen misery

And I've been a part of many brighter days



Oh - I'm still travelin'

Oh - I still care

I am walkin' in the footsteps of my Lord

And wherever he takes me, I'll go there


I was born in a cabin in the backwoods

I've watched many a man lose his fight

Some of them were good, some were bad men

But a man is just a man, black or white



I can't ever say that I've been perfect

But I can say that I've tried really hard

To be the kind of woman you can count on

And to follow in the footsteps of my Lord



I have seen a hundred years come and go now

There have been a thousand changes in my life

But one thing I can tell you for certain

A poor man just a poor man, black or white


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