Write Me a Letter

Lucky Mud
Lucky Mud


Six mailboxes standing in a line

Mailman stopped at every box but mine


Won't you write me a letter?

Write me a letter

Write me a letter

Stick it in the U.S. Mail

Got off the Work Farm

Tryin' to be good

Found a little shack

In the middle of the woods

*Repeat Chorus

Don't need a dime bag

Don't need a pound

Don't send nothin'

Bring the police around

*Repeat Chorus

Maybe just a postcard

Drop me a line

Ask me how I'm doin'

Well, I'm doin' fine

*Repeat Chorus

Stuck out in the boonies

Livin' all alone

Don't even have the money

For a flip telephone

*Repeat Chorus

Write me a letter

Show me that you care

Write me a letter

Tell me you'll be here

*Repeat Chorus

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