Underneath the Florida Moon

by Lucky Mud

Released 2010
Released 2010
This is Lucky Mud's collection of original songs honoring their native state. From the opening title cut to the last song, a talking blues song recorded live at the Florida Folk Festival, this CD is filled with warm, clear vocals and strong lyrics.
Underneath the Florida moon is a collection of original songs honoring Mike and Maggie McKinney's native state. This CD has been totally re-recorded at Southern Zen Studio, March, 2010.
First recorded on a small portable unit in the living room of their old farmhouse during a raging storm, with Janine Newfield's brilliant violin adding a third voice as she danced back and forth under a single microphone with Mike and Maggie during a crazy, 14 hour session. Lucky Mud's regular studio had just been destroyed during a hurricane, Janine was driving over from St. Augustine for the session, so they finished Underneath the Florida Moon that night, wrapping it up in the early afternoon of the following day.
Lucky Mud is very proud of that original CD, but it was poorly recorded and not too easy on the ear. So they meticulously recorded each track on this new, crystal clear assortment of their songs. Unfortunately, Janine Newfield was unable to record these songs with them, but for anyone wishing to hear the original session, mp3's will be available by writing to Lucky Mud at luckymudmusic@bellsouth.net.
The title cut, Underneath the Florida Moon is Maggie's love song to the state. A seventh-generation Floridian, she wrote this song as a reflection of a time when people would go "dancin' in the moonlight, underneath the stars."
Slow Duck Pie is for all the developers, the latest in a two hundred year stream of carpetbaggers. The song is just a reminder that you can build your condos high, but you can't stop the hurricanes. And Old Gator's just waiting for his day.
Big Fish a traditional Jamaican folk song (that Maggie wrote). Another warning that the big fish thinks he rules the world, but he's gonna get caught someday.
North Florida Panhandle is what it is. " -back in the tall grass, the moccasin and alligator/ little country church singing praise to the creator."
West Florida Wrangler, a song Maggie wrote about her family's generations in the business of cattle, evokes the men who still ride the rich and dangerous pastures and swamps that fill Florida's interior.
Southern Mama is for Mike's own mom, traveling a road down from Soddy Daisy, Tennessee, and marrying into the McKinney clan, who had arrived about 200 years earlier and settled the wild and remotearea along the Withlacoochee River.
Mike and Maggie came very close to leaving their homeland for Ireland several years ago, and Leaving Florida is Maggie's lament to the possibility of losing all she knew and loved there.
Smell the Blood is another tale of Mike's family, with the line "everywhere a McKinney stood - cut the ground with a shovel and you'll smell the blood."
Ivan the Terrible is Maggie's telling of Hurricane Ivan and its untold destruction. "When Ivan the Terrible swept through that day/ There were bodies in Pensacola Bay."
Southern Zen starts with the Zen Master's quote "I chopped wood, I carried water." and extends it, Southern-style.
Distant Hill is religious song with no god in it. It's just a thought, a returning to something. An end, and a beginning.
The Sinkhole Song was recorded live at the Old Marble Stage during the Florida Folk Festival. It's a talking blues about a little sinkhole that never seems to stop growing.
Enjoy a rich trip through the state of Florida with two of its native children.

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