The Tinkers (our Celtic Roots)

by Lucky Mud

Released 2007
Released 2007
Sung with joy and played with abandon; a collection of traditional Celtic songs mixed with six originals from Maggie and Mike McKinney.
First of all, Lucky Mud is not a Celtic band, but a band that loves Celtic music. This music finds a place in all our shows.
The passion and the heart of music is in the blood, and our blood is a blend of Irish, Scot and Welsh (with a more than a little Cherokee thrown in on Michael's side).
We, along with our friend, Greg Frye, have slipped away from our Lucky Mud persona to play Celtic festivals and Scottish Highland games in the Southeast USA for many years. This side of our music was born from the soul of Lucky Mud and six of the songs on The Tinkers are original songs from Maggie.
As we played festivals and pubs under the name of Tinker's Dam, or The Tinkers, the show would become a mix of Celtic, original Mud, folk and everything else from Buddy Holly to Elvis, depending on the crowd.
Music fits together easily.
This, by the way, is NOT the music we play when we tour Ireland. The Irish are kind, but do not need American folksingers to show them 'the way.'
It is simply music we love to sing.
We do hope you enjoy this music as much as we, and hope to see you somewhere along the road.
Maggie and Michael McKinney
Lucky Mud

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