Slippery Slope

by Lucky Mud

Released 2006
Released 2006
Original songs with strong lyrics, tight vocal harmonies and brilliant violin as a 'third voice,' from sweet and funny love on the first cut, The Clown Song, to a blues driven celebration of the life of a lost friend on the last cut, Babylon.
Lucky Mud's "Slippery Slope" is a rich blend of Florida Swamp music with brilliant violin work by Janine Newfield thrown in for good measure. A blend of many styles held together by the lyric.
From Maggie's "Clown Song", the song that says everything about love, to Michael's "Angels", the song that says everything about living and "Crash of the Waves" that says everything about living well, it's a philosophical joy ride. Toss in "Babylon" a song written for a friend, Ralph, who passed through this life on his own ride and you have the elements of the "Mud" that make up the Slippery Slope.
Lucky Mud is a touring band that has played in a wide variety of venues from the island of Sark to Bandera, Texas. From Key West to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England. From the Florida Folk Festival to The Linen Hall in Castlebar, Ireland and Johnny O'Hare's in Balinrobe, Ireland.
Their style is a mix of everything that is fine about music. Everything that makes up the "Mud" of our lives and helps us appreciate the distinctions while creating a blend that values changes.
Come join them down the "Slippery Slope". It will be the ride of your life.

To hear a new mix of the last three songs: Sassy Ways, Bad Girls (with Hammond B3 and bass by Tim Dykes) and Babylon, check out our website at

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