by Lucky Mud

Released 2013
Southern Zen Productions
Released 2013
Southern Zen Productions
Powerful lyrics, vocals and harmonies with a distinctive rhythm and a rootsy, soulful sound.
They say Pride goes before the fall, but try living without it.
13 new and original songs by Maggie and Mike McKinney. The powerful images on the cover personify pride, and each song tells its own story. From the title cut to the end, this CD delivers tales of a boxer - beaten but not defeated, a challenge to 'walk the walk' with your beliefs and a song about the lost boys of the Dozier School for Boys, a century-old reform school with its terrible secret now revealed. Years of torturing and murdering boys in a chamber known as 'the White House.' A secret pouring out of North Florida at last, as the remains of these boys are being exhumed from fields of unmarked graves.
Pride takes you from darkness into the light with unique songs of love, of daydreams and dancing. Of pride. How a sudden depression can make months vanish, leaving a house of broken things in its wake. There's even a sweet and old-fashioned Christmas song at the end....a tale of what Santa does when his job is done.
This is a very special CD with a wonderful sound. Pride is Lucky Mud's ninth CD, and we think you'll enjoy the ride.

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