by Lucky Mud

Released 2015
Released 2015
14 original FloridaSwamp-Roots acoustic Americana songs.
This new CD, NATIVE, celebrates our native state.
This is only the second of our 12 CDs that is dedicated to the music of Florida.
Maggie's family has lived along the Apalachicola River in North Florida for almost two hundred years.
Mike's settled along the Withlacoochee River near Tampa, and has been there for one hundred and fifty years.
These are the stories of deep roots in the Florida soil.
Ti-Ti (tye-tye) road is the story of struggle along the Florida panhandle, where poverty runs deep and the first sweet flower of the year is the Ti-Ti. It's blossoms make the first honey along the wild Gulf Coast.
Massa Joe is the story of another struggle, and that's the act of making a living in a land that has pretty much one employer. One place to go for work.
Can to Cain't is an old pulpwooder's expression. When asked what hours he works, the man will answer, "From can to cain't." From can to can't. They work six day weeks and split the seventh between church and the time it takes to repair worn-out equipment so it's ready to go again early Monday morning.
Annie Belle is a hymn to a black woman who loved me, a young white child, despite all the racial turmoil, because her faith in God was strong. She was much kinder than she had to be.
Bunky's Song is the song of the Apalachicola River. My friend Bunky is a woman who grew up on the Apalachicola river, and that river shaped her life.
I'm Coming Home (Grif's Song), is a celebration song for our son who spent many years away in California before coming home for his first visit back.
Evangeline tells the story of a lonely man who always gets everything he wants. Then he meets Evangeline.
White Boys talks about growing up in Florida before the Civil Rights struggle changed the Deep South. And, make no mistake, Florida was, and is, part of the Deep South. It's about growing up bored, restless and more than a little dangerous; the story of what happened to young high school girls who lost their way, and what they, and the boys around them did on moonlit nights in the orange groves.
Pirates of the Florida Keys - On a visit to the Keys I realized that we always feel like pirates during our time there, and I think most people feel the same way.
Fool in Paradise is a song I wrote in the early 1980s, when all the music played onstage along the Gulf Coast was either by, or inspired by Jimmy Buffet. I would write 'Buffet' songs during the day to sing that night in the bars along the coast. This was my most asked-for Jimmy Buffet song, though he's never heard it. I hope I don't owe him royalties....
My Florida is just what it is - what Florida means to me - not wistful rivers and days on the beach, but humidity and heat and hard work and fences to be repaired and thunderstorms. And why I love it all.
You Ain't Got Nothin' New - As Florida natives we have lived the stories that newcomers write songs about. So every song we write is a Florida song. It's that simple.
The Snake came about the day I watched birds diving and shrieking near the base of a giant cedar tree. When I walked over to see what all the ruckus was about I encountered a large Oak Snake, who looked up at me as they dove at him with a look that said, 'kill me. kill me now.' And I thought, 'he's only doing what he was born to do.' Why all the bad press?
Bo Diddley Stomp is a celebration and acknowledgment of the beat and rhythm pioneered by a born-again Floridian, who chose Gainesville as his home. As a way of saying 'thank you,' the University of Florida dedicated Bo Diddley Plaza to the man and his music.

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