Feelin' Lucky

by Lucky Mud

Released 2018
Released 2018
The latest collection of original SwampyTonk and FolkaBilly from Maggie and Mike McKinney, Florida natives with swamp roots, lyric based songs.
  • 02:28 Lyrics Feelin' Lucky

    Woke up this morning

    Rain pouring down

    Slept in my car

    On the wrong side of town

    Gas tank's on empty

    My job's on the line

    Bossman said this is my last time

    But I'm feelin' lucky

    The clock on the dash

    Said quarter past eight

    Boss said 'don't come to work

    If you're gonna be late'

    So I drove to the store

    I gave you a call

    Spent twenty bucks

    On the Powerball

    'Cause I'm feelin' lucky

    You kissed me last night

    You whispered my name

    You held me so tight

    Said I was your man

    So I'm feelin' lucky

    Twenty- to- one horse

    I bet it all

    Feel so good

    No worries at all

    And I'm gonna win

    That Powerball

    'Cause I'm feelin' lucky

    I'm feelin' lucky

  • 02:15 Lyrics He's Got Nothin'


    What's the matter with a girl like that?

    She's got everything

    The boy's got nothin'

    What's the matter with a girl like that?

    She's got everything

    The boy's got nothin'

    She lets him tell her how to wear her hair

    She lets him tell her what clothes to wear

    He's got nothin'

    The boy's got nothin'

    *Repeat Chorus

    She turns her back on her friends at school

    They all say she's acting like a fool

    He's got nothin'

    The boy's got nothin'

    Mama's scared that she'll run away

    Daddy says there'll be hell to pay

    He's got nothin'

    That boy's got nothin'

    *Repeat Chorus

    She said "The things that you don't see

    Those are the things that mean the world to me

    He's got everything

    And you don't know nothin'

    He's got everything

    And you don't know nothin'"

    *Repeat Chorus

    (tag) She said "You don't know nothin!"

  • 02:29 Lyrics Beach Town

    You never see the sun come up

    You never watch the sun go down

    Not when you live in a beach town

    In a beach town

    You stumble out of bed by noon

    You're drunk by three

    You sleep away the afternoon

    To keep the nighttime free

    So you can dance by the light of the moon

    In a beach town

    You fall in love over Sunday brunch

    Break up Monday after lunch

    Wake up in somebody else's arms

    Tuesday morning in a beach town

    Livin's easy 'til the money's gone

    You don't know where it went

    On a barstool drinkin' all alone

    Down to your last cent

    That's just life in a beach town

    In a beach town

  • 03:40 Lyrics Fishermen (Singin' on the Water)

    All day long water's all I see

    Deep in the night the stars watch over me

    Feel the rhythm and the rockin' of the waves

    I'm homeward bound to the ones I love

    Chorus: He..y Ho...o Fishermen singin' on the water

                 Hey...y Ho....o Fishermen singin' on the water

    Seagulls spinnin' in circles overhead

    Fish are jumpin' from their warm salty beds

    See my home rise from the sea

    My heart opens up brings this song out of me


    Feel the comfort of dry sand on my feet

    Run up the shore, fall down to my knees

    Stretch my arms out across the land

    Give a big kiss to the warm salty sand


  • 03:27 Lyrics Sweet Relief

    I'm lookin' for some sweet relief

    Sit by the water, give my soul some peace

    Turn my face to the warm, warm sun

    Let my spirit run

    I'm lookin' for some comfort there

    Breathe deep, feel the air

    Deep inside of me ..... oh, oh sweet relief

    Bridge: And I can feel you there

                Feel your warm breath touch my hair

                Oh, Oh sweet relief

    I'm lookin' for some company

    Come and sit by me

    We'll just let it be

    Oh, oh sweet relief

    And we won't say a word

    Just listen to the bird's

    Sweet melody

    Oh, oh sweet relief

    Finish:  I'm lookin for some sweet relief

                Sit by the water, give my soul some peace

                Deep inside of me

                Oh, oh sweet relief

  • 03:16 Lyrics The Hawk

    The patience of a hawk

    In the blueness of the sky

    We hurry far below

    Time is passing by

    So many things undone

    So much left to do

    While the hawk just circles 'round

    And the sky just stays blue

    The hawk holds the world

    In the circle of its eye

    Does what it was born to do

    And it was born to fly

    We question every little thing

    Never knowing what is true

    While the hawk just circles 'round

    And the sky just stays blue

    Why do we run like water

    Searching for the sea?

    Why do I never find

    What's waiting there for me?

    We only have a moment

    We're only passing through

    The hawk just circles 'round

    And the sky just stays blue

  • 03:31 Lyrics Flights of Angels

    May your soul rise up to greet the sun

    May your chains of troubles come undone

    May your fears and sorrows melt away

    May you rise in peace and joy that day

    Chorus: You are gone away, you are gone

                 May flights of Angels sing you home

                You are gone away, you are gone

                May flights of Angels sing you home

    Tears of sorrow fall helpless to the ground

    Those left behind are gathered all around

    They mourn the loss but celebrate your life

    They know that Angels guide you in your flight


  • 02:59 Lyrics Storm's A'comin'

    Refrain: Storm's a comin'

    Gone are the skies of blue

    Storm's a comin'

    What are we gonna do

    We didn't pay attention

    To all the blue skies we had

    Now the storm clouds are gathrin'

    And it's startin' to look bad


    It's starin' to rain now

    I can feel it runnin' down my face

    Storm's a comin'

    We gotta get out of this place

    We got all the warnin's

    We didn't pay 'em no mind

    Now we better start runnin'

    Runnin' for our lives


  • 02:10 Lyrics Write Me a Letter

    Six mailboxes standing in a line

    Mailman stopped at every box but mine


    Won't you write me a letter?

    Write me a letter

    Write me a letter

    Stick it in the U.S. Mail

    Got off the Work Farm

    Tryin' to be good

    Found a little shack

    In the middle of the woods

    *Repeat Chorus

    Don't need a dime bag

    Don't need a pound

    Don't send nothin'

    Bring the police around

    *Repeat Chorus

    Maybe just a postcard

    Drop me a line

    Ask me how I'm doin'

    Well, I'm doin' fine

    *Repeat Chorus

    Stuck out in the boonies

    Livin' all alone

    Don't even have the money

    For a flip telephone

    *Repeat Chorus

    Write me a letter

    Show me that you care

    Write me a letter

    Tell me you'll be here

    *Repeat Chorus

  • 02:39 Lyrics Shaky Rock Shoes

    Shaky little Maggie got a rock in her shoe

    Hurts so bad she don't know what to do

    Walkin' along on her shaky rock shoes

    Shake it little Maggie, shake it 'til the rock come loose

    Chorus: Shake it Maggie shake it

                 Shake it Maggie, shake it

                 Shake it little Maggie, shake it 'til the rock come loose

    Little Maggie walkin' down the railroad tracks

    Goin' clickety click clackety clack

    Takin' those tracks goin' two by two

    Rockin' along on her shaky rock shoes

    Shake it little Maggie, shake it 'til the rock come loose


    Little Maggie sittin' in a tall Oak tree

    Goin' tweedley dum, tweedley dee

    All the birdies start singin' too

    Rockin' that limb with her shake rock shoes

    Shake it little Maggie, shake it 'til the rock come loose


  • 03:09 Lyrics I Sing to the Flowers

    In the morning when I wake up, I walk along for hours

    And I sing to the trees and I sing to the flowers

    Feel the warmth of the sunshine as it rests upon my shoulders

    And I'm living each moment as I am getting older

    Refrain:  La, la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la x 2

    See the birds on the wing as I walk along below them

    Say good morning to the people I meet, though I don't know them

    It's the joy in my life and blissful awakening

    Every moment is a gift, no for granted should be taken


    And the song that you sing, that's the way people hear you

    And the smiles that you bring, that's the way people feel you

    It's the joy and the laughter as it rests upon your shoulder

    And no matter your age, you will never feel any older



    Finish: In the morning in the sunshine, I walk along for hours

     And I sing to the trees and I sing to the flowers


  • 03:24 Lyrics Purple Hair

    She has purple hair

    He has dirty nails

    He smells like diesel fuel

    She comes from money

    Their love's a mystery

    To friends and family

    But he doesn't really care

    And she thinks it's funny

    She went to MIT

    He works offshore

    They own a house

    Outside of Corpus

    They don't have kids

    Don't go to church

    They sleep in late

    On Sunday morning


    Entwined in their own world

    Like braided hair

    Wrapped in a lover's bed

    Where nothing matters

    She loves him

    And he loves her

    They whisper to themselves

    Between the kisses

    She sips a glass of wine

    He drinks Corona

    She sits behind the wheel

    Of his old white van

    He's resting in the back

    They'll be home by sunrise

    He strapped the Norton down

    And went to sleep

    His trophy's on the dash

    Another week behind them

    He loves to ride that bike

    In the Texas wind

    They'll be back to work

    Come Monday morning

    She turns the music up

    And smiles

    And drives her lover home

  • 02:27 Lyrics One More Cup of Coffee

    One more cup of coffee

    One more kiss goodbye

    One more wave

    One more glance at a blue sky

    Turn the corner from the driveway

    Stop at the light

    Pull out into the traffic

    And begin the commuter fight

    Someone on a cell phone

    Sending texts to an old friend

    Veers into your lane

    Brings your whole world to an end

    Brings your whole world to an end

    Refain: It won't happen to me

                I can handle doing both

                What's the harm in staying busy

                Driving's such a bore

    One more silent victim

    One more big mistake

    One more life is ended

    Just another busy day

    Just another busy day

    One more cup of coffee

    One more kiss ..........

"This husband-wife folk duo seems to always have new music up their sleeves. Their newest full-length album is a mix of folky, southern-inspired whimsical tunes like “Blackberry Jelly” and stories about people who didn’t quite do right (“Amber Alert”). But it’s the two ballads that steal the spotlight with emotional intimacy and authenticity."
- Nikki Hedrick/ Beachcomber Magazine 30A

" "Lucky Mud is from the deeper side of Folk Music. The couple have a soulful connection that is palpable." -EARBUZZ "

Having spent almost 7 years under the Nashville spell in the years of transition from the Country Music tradition of story telling through lyric to the current trend of songwriting by committee, Mike and Maggie McKinney returned to their Florida roots disillusioned with music. Michael McKinney became a well-respected author with a starred review in Publishers Weekly and accolades across the country for his first novel, 'A Thousand Bridges.'
But the love for songwriting still haunted them. Through a magical moment of clarity at the Kerrville Folk Festival in the Nineties, the realization struck them that Nashville had become the "Business of Music," not the music itself. That's when Maggie and Mike became Lucky Mud. Their reformation became their musical salvation. The love of a beautifully written lyric paired with a melody that fits the words so seamlessly that they cannot be separated without mournful loss. The ability to reach out and touch an audience with a voice that comforts or stings. A voice that amuses or inspires.
Words have power and a great melody enhances that power. That's "Mud Music." Their love of a great song has taken them on journeys throughout the world. Their original music has taken them from the Legendary Linenhall in Castlebar, Ireland, to Campbell's Pub on the wild coast of County Mayo in the West and throughout Connemara. From the island of Sark, in the Tidy Bowl blue English Channel, to the bridge-bound streets of Newcastle Upon Tyne in Northern England and Bandera, Texas, (yes, it is another country) to the beautiful hills of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in Canada. Lucky Mud has shared their Florida swamp roots 'Mud born' music. Lucky Mud has opened for and shared stages with both the infamous and famous musicians currently touring today. From the legendary songwriter Eric Taylor to the irreverent Grant Peeples. From the mesmerizing talents of California folk-duo Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald to the sultry-voiced Sally Spring. Too many incredible voices singing out in the wilderness of satellite radio channels and independent music sources to name, but all equally blessed with the true gift of storytelling.
Too honest for Nashville. Too gifted to compromise by writing songs-by-committee. The music, and nothing but the music, matters.

Mud Music

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