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Lucky Mud
Mike McKinney


CHORUS: She said you can call me Evangeline Or Angelina, I don't mind As long as you make the whiskey flow Then I'll be yours and you'll be mine Another rainy Tampa night I fooled around and missed my flight No real reason to get back home I drove toward the city lights Found an empty Causeway bar A lonely man in a rented car I ignored the darkness in her eyes All alone behind the bar CHORUS An hour's talking led to two She never asked me what I do She said, "I don't want to know your name And I won't fall in love with you" We walked down to the water line And she put her hand in mine Before the dark skies turned to blue I fell in love with Evangeline But I won't tell a soul about Angelina 'Cause I know just what they'd say 'Look at the man who gets Everything he wants And all he wants Is the one that got away I Said I have a plane that leaves today But I would really like to stay But the lovely Evangeline Just kissed my lips And walked away CHORUS

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