The Cowboy

Lucky Mud
Michael McKinney


A yodel makes the sound of the moon When it's a hundred miles away From city lights And just out of the reach of your hands A campfire sounds like castanets A river, like a woman's breath And the cowboy makes the sound of loneliness -yodel A cowboy's not a cowboy Because he wants to be He's a cowboy 'Cause he can't do nothing else A canyon walls don't reach as high A desert just don't seem as wide As the main street Of some old cattle town -yodel CHORUS: So leave some open land for the cowboy One unbroken trail One mountain to the sky Leave a pretty girl Waiting for him at the end Of some long and dusty Cattle drive -yodel A yodel makes the sound Of a lone coyote It's the way a heart sounds When it breaks The wind is like a baby's cry A freight train like a last goodbye A yodel's just a lullaby Just the way a cowboy tries To settle with the world -yodel

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  • Aug 27
    Americana Cafe Sunday at Roberts Hall,  Lynn Haven

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