The Cowboy

Lucky Mud
Michael McKinney


A yodel makes the sound of the moon

When it's a hundred miles away from city lights

And just out of the reach of your hands

A campfire sounds like castanets

A river, like a woman's breath

And the cowboy makes the sound of loneliness



A cowboy's not a cowboy because he wants to be

He's a cowboy 'cause he can't do nothing else

A canyon's walls don't reach as high

A desert just don't seem as wide

As the main street Of some old cattle town




So leave some open land for the cowboy

One unbroken trail

One mountain to the sky

Leave a pretty girl

Waiting for him at the end

Of some long and dusty cattle drive



A yodel makes the sound of a lone coyote

It's the way a heart sounds when it breaks

The wind is like a baby's cry

A freight train like a last goodbye

A yodel's just a lullaby

Just the way a cowboy tries

To settle with the world


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