Just Checkin' In

Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


Hello, this is Maggie I just called to check in And find out if you're okay And to let you know That you have a friend And I was thinkin' about you today I know I don't always Pay attention to you I let my life get in the way But sometimes at night When I close my eyes I picture you standin' here With that smile on your face CHORUS: I found your shirt in the back of the closet Your old coffee cup in the cabinet in the den A leather glove from a long time ago Made me want to call you today and check in I would promise I would call you At least once a week But we both know That wouldn't be true Just know that you Are always in my heart You're my friend And I'll always love you Repeat CHORUS

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  • Jul 2
    Americana Cafe Sunday at Roberts Hall,  Lynn Haven

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