Amber Alert

Lucky Mud
Michael and Maggie McKinney


He's a desperate man, in desperate times His young son in the back seat Now he's crossed the line God damn the people trying to rule his life He used to have a good job Used to have a wife If he can make it to Oklahoma Maybe he can set things right But there's an Amber Alert On the airwaves tonight So many wrong turns in these crooked days So easy to make mistakes, And lose your way Now he has his baby boy He has a second chance Time to leave the booze behind And be the kind of man His boy can rely on Maybe he can set things right But there's an Amber Alert On the airwaves tonight 82 Impala Out of state plates Almost like a beacon on the Interstate Primer-grey hood Citation-yellow doors Money for some fast food But not much more But back in Oklahoma He can find a job With a little bit of luck A little help from God Set him on the right track And make things right Damn that Amber Alert On his radio tonight Pulls over to the roadside Sees his son's eyes Tears rolling down his cheeks Spilling from his eyes Staring back at Daddy Through the mirror in the dark Eases to a stop And he puts the car in park First call he makes Is the hardest of the two Linda screams into the phone Lord, what did you do? The second one was easy When he called the cops Told them where to find them At the next rest stop Pulls back on the road Time to do what's right Amber Alert on the airwaves tonight The morning light turns amber On the highway tonight

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