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The site where we sell all our music. They've been a great place for our CDs for many years! We highly recommend CD Baby for any Independent musicians!
Reverb Nation Press Kit
Our Electronic Press Kit contains all of our booking information for anyone who requests it.
Reverb Nation
Our Reverb Nation website. Drop in and see what we have here!
The Foothills of Heaven
Michael McKinney's stand alone sequel to his critically acclaimed novel, A Thousand Bridges - the continuing story of Katherine and Mac - is now available on all ebooks. It's The Foothills of Heaven. We'd love to hear from you!
A Thousand Bridges Kindle edition
This is the ebook version of A Thousand Bridges. Available through Amazon and all other ebook sites.
A Thousand Bridges
This is the hardcover edition.
Airplay Direct
Our foremost digital press kit, and a great site for independent music!
Reviews and links to all of Lucky Mud's music. Try it!
Another place to find "Mud" music. Note the review of Karmageddon by former industry insider Michael Mercer.
The Fox
Mud playing traditional song, The Fox, both on the Old Marble Stage at the Florida Folk Festival, and on a late night street corner with locals in Westport, Ireland
Maggie's original song "Banshee" is the title song in a new independent film making the rounds at film festivals right now. The film is by Krista McPherson (from Oregon), and is titled Ban-Sidhe, and the new trailer for the film, with Maggie's score, can be seen at http://kristymcpherson.jigsy.com/short-films Banshee is also featured in a play by the same name, by Brian Petti at The International Fringe Festival in New York City at The Flamboy'an Theatre on Aug. 21st, 2011. Check out this link to hear the song. Click on "Banshee at The International Fringe Festival" on the left side.
Maggie's Farm on Econfina Creek
Maggie's Farm is the end result of a lot of touring, lots of music and a long-simmering idea. Lucky Mud (Maggie and Mike McKinney) own a 7 acre farm near the pristine Econfina Creek in the Florida panhandle. The photos on this site are of Maggie's Farm and a little of the local area. Over the next year, it will become a place for music - both local and touring musicians - and THE place to gather to discuss a green world and how to make it happen. Keep in touch with Mud here for new developments.

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