You Make Me Sing 3:33

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Lucky Mud/ Southern Zen Music - BMI 2007


Each time I see you My heart does a funny thing It holds its breath And it begins to sing I've never had this kind Of feeling in my life But, somehow, I know That it's all right You make me sing You make me sing When I was little I can still recall Sneaking down the stairs On Christmas day I was excited I was nervous And a little afraid To my amazement You make me feel The same way You make me sing You make me sing There have been moments in my life When I was weak When something powerful Brought me to my knees But in my life You are the most Amazing thing You make me sing You make me sing When my life is over I'll recall this day And how you were the one Who made me feel this way And in my final moments I won't regret a thing You made me sing You made me sing

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