She Ran

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Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


For so many of those girls out on the street, on their own and so very young.


She ran so far away No one knew where She came from She left her family behind With no intent to return She left a mother Who couldn't believe The things that were happening To her She left a groping Step-father behind She left without a word She ran as fast as she could From the story That she had to tell She left her friends Wondering why She left all by herself It's not a story So unusual It happens every day All of these young girls Feel so alone That's why they run away She landed out on the street Picking up men Along the way They gave her Something to eat And sometimes A place to stay She is alone Like she's always been But she feels the choice Is her own She chooses who She takes to her bed Not the man Who lives with her mom She will never return To the place Where she was betrayed Her mother Never looked in her eyes When she told her She just turned away Making her feel Like it was her fault Though she never Said it that way Her mother just couldn't Face living alone So she threw Her daughter away She may never believe That love Could be any other way She believes That love is a fight You just have to push Love away She cries Night after night And lives in despair Through the day She lives Life on her own She thinks it's better That way She ran so far away No one knew where She came from

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